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"Nice to meet you, Miss Keller." Even if it was in the worst of places, the Mistress was still rather pretty. "I was released from the hospital about three days ago. Came straight here."


"And what is it you were in the hospital for?"

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"Time for what? Round 7?"


"As tempting as that sounds, I’ve got work to get to."

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Hold on. I know just the thing. [grabs her brush and two balled socks, beginning to juggle for roughly thirty seconds]

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"Rude! I can make anything work. Not my fault my dazzling allure has no effect on you." He laughed tucking the shirt in his pants, "It is a bit big on me I guess."


"Is that a shirt your master has approved of? I know Sebastien well enough to know he wants his pets dressed neatly. And I feel the same about those who work for me."

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"And Jonah? How long have you had him?" he asked, brow raising "I think I’d get the kid into trouble if I stuck around too long." he admitted, shrugging "I don’t really do well with authority, and apparently trouble finds me."


"He’s been in my home a couple of months now. I haven’t really been keeping track," she was soon pulling into the drive to her home, "Are you trying to turn me off from you darling?" she asked, glancing at him as she parked in front of her home, "Something tells me you would be happier if it was a male that claimed you over a female. The scents on you are enough to determine that," she turned the car off and exited her car, "So many of you new boys preferring men. It’s a pity. Seems you all like being dominated and lack the proper amount of testosterone."

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"Is there a reason you’re staring at me?"


"As if it wasn’t obvious."

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Take me to Bed // Jonah & Viv


Jonah let out a soft gasp as her cool hands found his length and her mouth worked his neck. His own hands moving up to her waist, her back, her neck and then back down. He nodded with heavy lidded eyes. “Okay…” And he didn’t even think about it. Just bending down enough to grab her thighs and lift her up. His face nuzzling into her chest, mouth opening to kiss at the side of her breast through her clothing. He walked them to her bedroom and fell backwards onto it, so she would be on top. He was hard and his mouth was hot along her skin as he eagerly kissed up her neck. 

Jonah lifted her with an ease that Viv had grown to appreciate. Zero hesitation in her order from her pup only made her want him more. She hummed softly at the attention to her body as he carried her. Once her back hit the mattress, one of her leg’s wrapped around his, the mistress’ head tilting to give him access to her neck to place his hot kisses. She soon took his face into her hands, her green eyes, nearly human-like now, meeting his before she pressed her lips to his, her hips rolling upward, causing her to moan into his mouth when she felt his hard cock pressed against her lower stomach.

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A Woman’s Touch / Leo & Viv


Vivienne had always liked being manhandled. Maybe it had something to do with who she’d been before she’d been turned Leopold had never thought to ask. They’d always been respectful of each others pasts. But those thoughts were for later. Right now all he wanted was the taste of her as his tonuge flicked through her folds, pressing at her entrance, kissing her lower lips before his mouth sealed over her clit and sucked, hard. Her fingers rough and harsh in his hair as his hands gripped her ass, holding her body against his face.

Viv’s back was permanently arched off the wall as Leo’s mouth continued working her cunt with precision. Her cries had grown even louder, her fingers tight in his hair as she moaned his name, quickly approaching her climax as his tongue teased her entrance, “Fuck…” the curse was a harsh whisper as Viv moved her hips against his mouth, her breathing picking up as she moved closer and closer to falling over the edge.

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